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Eoin Corby graciously answered some questions about his recent successes in Luxembourg. Coming home with Gold and Silver medals from the Euro Meet, I got an insight into the work that goes into achieving your goals. What does it take? Nothing short of a winning mentality.


Hi Eoin, congratulations on your 50m breaststroke & 100m breaststroke youth gold and silver in the 200m breaststroke, at the Euro Meet 2018 in Luxembourg. How does it feel?


              I was very excited to have won two gold and one silver. I knew by the heat sheet that I was in the top few swimmers in the Youths, but you never know on the day. I had to stay focused. I was delighted also with my PB's.


How do you deal with nerves before /during a final at this level?


          I have a race plan on how I will execute the race. This includes what warmup I do before the race, how I mentally prepare myself and exercises I do to get my muscles warmed up just before the race.


You competed at the European Youth Olympics last year in Hungary. All this and you only 15 years old.  How do you stay focused?


          Yes, I met the qualifying time in April. I sat my Junior Cert in June and then went to EYOF in July. I worked closely on technique with my coaches. Small improvements are so important and this motivates me to keep continue to achieve more. My coach summarised my performance at EYOF and said I was the top 15yr old in Europe at breaststroke. I was a year younger than the other swimmers.


How often would you train on an average week?


           On average I do nine pool sessions per week and three gym sessions. This is 17 hrs pool and 3 hrs gym. A lot of 5 am mornings and a dash to the pool straight from school in the evening.


Young swimmers will now look up to what you have achieved and try to emulate this. What swimmers would you look up to?


            My role model is Adam Peaty - a World Record holder and Olympic Champion in 50m & 100m breaststroke. 


What goals do you have both short term and long term?


           A short-term goal is to do well at the April Nationals. European Juniors is this summer, while I will aim to get close to the qualifying time I have 2 more years after this year to be part of European Juniors. Long term I will be closely watching my times for Tokyo 2020 and 2024 Olympics too.


Being part of the Performance Pathway squad must take a lot of dedication and commitment. What motivates you to stick with it?


       Yes, we are all of the same mindset to do well. The squad gives us all a chance to train as a National team a few times a year and also compete in some competitions abroad. I have some great friends in this squad and these are the top group of young Irish swimmers.


If you had one bit of advice to young swimmers just getting started. What would it be?


     Listen to your coach and work on technique. Stay motivated and attend all training sessions. Try to stay healthy.


Thanks to Eoin his mother Mary Corby for taking time to discuss the mindset of a Champion. As many of you can appreciate, the time and dedication that goes into achieving success on an International scale, we wish all of those on the Performance Pathway and Performance squads both regional and national continued success.



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