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Regional Pathway Coach Sarah Fellner had her first Munster clinic at the Tralee Leisure Complex on Wednesday 23 May. Sarah welcomed coaches from across Kerry to the 3 hour long classroom and pool session. Kingdom SC was the host club and with their Senior Squad being the welcome guinea pigs on the night.

The classroom element began with some basics

  • Time last stroke based on speed and distance to wall
  • Minimize unnecessary¬† head and arm movements during turn
  • Maintain streamlined position during push
  • Push should be performed under the wave
  • Practice turns without circlingWhen circle swimming - practice turning in both directions

In a 100metre race start = 10m

Turn = 10m x 3 turns (SC)

Finish = 5m

Total = 40m 

So if 40% of the race involves skills do we teach and practice skills enough?

Turns - Teach the 5 parts individually so swimmers are fully aware of them

Approach - Turn - Push - Glide - Transition 

Some Teaching Considerations 

  • Level of Swimmer - teach pullout without fly kick initially
  • Timing the approach - visual cues (using the pool floor markings etc.)
  • Touch - below surface, motion must be straight in and out

Advice - When doing speedwork do it early in practice before swimmer gets tired

Underwater Skills

  • Teach "ready position" for Push offs, foot placement on wall (orientation/depth), body position, length of glide (time until kick is initiated)
  • Vertical kick - exploring kick tempo
  • Vertical push off bottom
  • Push & Glide
  • Timed underwater speed
  • Swim in and Turn

Stations - Approach Speed, Push off position, Rotation Speed and Timed streamline to breakout were led by the coaches. One of the common themes mentioned by coaches was the ability to learn different techniques/tips from fellow coaches. A worthwhile trip for those in attendance.

Any clubs looking to host these clinics in the future would benefit greatly. Swimmers get the opportunity to work on skills with new coaches and under the expert eye of Sarah Fellner. There is also a fun element to clinics which goes down well with swimmers of all ages. Coaches will be returning to their clubs with some new activities and ideas for session planning. This is a key component of the Regional Pathway Coach Development strategy to empower coaches throughout Munster. Talent needs to be worked on but perhaps some of the stars of the future will progress from these clinics. Until then let's take it one turn at a time!





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