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Munster Swimming is committed to providing quality competitions for clubs and swimmers in the region.  An important part of competitions is the involvement of volunteers at every level.  Over the last number of years Munster have seen a significant reduction in the number of qualified officials acting in roles at club, regional and national competitions.  This in turn has had an impact on the quality of event for our swimmers, and has been highlighted by coaches, team managers and parents alike.

With the changes to the competition calendar Munster Swimming will face serious challenges meeting the requirements of Swim Ireland Meet Licensing at regional competitions.  Clubs who wish to host competitions will also face similar concerns.

The following action plan will ensure the region will have sufficient qualified officials over the next number of years.  It is the responsibility of clubs to ensure they meet the requirements set down by the region.

It is the intention that all officials will be qualified for the role they fill at club and regional competitions from 2019 onwards.  Clubs will be rostered in the senior officials (referee, starter, stroke judge) roles from next season.

Training requirements

  • Over the 2018-2019 season clubs will be required to recruit volunteers from within their clubs to train up as officials
  • Clubs who do not meet these requirements by the end of the season will not be permitted to enter Munster Swimming competitions in the 2019-2020 season, or until they meet the requirements
  • Munster Swimming has set out the training requirements per club based on the average number of swimmers entering competitions from last season. (See Appendix 1) This has been set at 3 levels:
    • 25+ swimmers – fifteen level one, eight level two and one person to attend the officials school
    • 10-24 swimmers – eight level 1, four level 2 and one person to attend the officials school
    • Less than 10 swimmers – five level 1 and two level 2
  • Munster Swimming will subsidise the cost of level 1 and 2 officials course by 50% per candidate, clubs should cover the additional cost per candidate, cost below is before Munster Swimming contribution.
  • Level 1 will cost €10 and Level 2 will cost €25 per participant
  • Clubs are not limited to the number they may recruit for officials training. Candidates over the required number will also be subsidised by 50%
  • Previously trained officials do not count towards the requirements. However, a previously qualified level 1 official attending a level 2 officials course will count towards the level 2 officials’ requirements.
  • The Officials School is a 2-day course, dates and location TBC.
  • Munster Swimming will cover the cost of the Officials School, including accommodation for those travelling more than 50 miles. We would ask clubs to make a contribution towards travel costs for their nominated volunteers.


Course information


Level 1


Level 2

Turn Judge

Officials School

Judge, Starter, Referee

Cost per person



Covered by region

Length of course

1 ½ hours

4 ½ hours

2 days

Max per course




Facility req.

Room with seating and ability to use projector

Room with seating and facility to use projector

Access to pool & swimmers for 1 hour of course



Guidance for clubs

For clubs to meet the requirements within this season the following is recommended;

  • Set the level of training based on the level of competition a swimmer attends:
    • Level 1 timekeeping – club and regional development meets
    • Level 2 turn judge – club and regional qualifying meets (and above)
  • Aim to train above the required number listed as this will benefit the club long term
  • Give plenty of notice to parents/ guardians to ensure maximum attendance
  • Use letter template attached to inform parents and guardians of this requirement now
  • Clubs who are paying for their members, they can book online through their club logins ( www.swimireland.azolve.com ) and then post course apply for a rebate through regional treasurer Tom O’Brien on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Clubs can run courses together if the dates suit with the availability of tutors. We cannot guarantee certain dates but if you fill in the attached form and send it back we will look to accommodate clubs where possible







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